Initially Voices Unleashed was created out of a living room where women would gather lead in song and learn how to use their breath and listening techniques to become better singers.  The after effects were powerful and long lasting. Eventually a living room became a church, a church became a city and now the city becomes another country.  

 Voices Unleashed offers workshops with a focus on healing trauma.  Trauma occurs in a variety of ways.  What is traumatizing to one person, such as abandonment or neglect at an early age in life, can have devastating effects later in adult life.  That same situation could have no lasting impact on another child whereas the experience of an earthquake could leave them with uncontrollable anxiety and fear for the rest of their lives.  

What is traumatizing to me may not at all be traumatizing to you.  What is traumatizing to you, may not be at all to me.  We must always, always have compassion. 

Voices Unleashed offers a space where that compassion comes to the forefront.  Guided meditations, education and coaching of simple healing modalities such as singing, breath work, and gentle movement are just the beginning. We create a space for you to dance and be self expressed in the way you are most comfortable with.  There is nothing required of you but to hold a space without judgment. Your support is a gift.  However, to get the most out of your workshop, your participation can make a world of difference for you and possibly someone else you know.  We also offer training on Emotional Freedom Technique, and tai chi and yoga practices specifically aimed at releasing trauma stored at a cellular level.  Healing touch practices are taught so you can experience it for yourself and take this training with you out into the world and help someone else who might need support.  This training is invaluable.  

Trauma is not solely an emotional experience that lives on in our memories, it also has a lasting impact on our physical and spiritual wellbeing.  It can cause us to abandon our beliefs around faith in ourselves, desecrate trust and leave us depressed and paralyzed with fear.  Similarly, it often leaves us with some physical ailment that mysteriously creeps us around the time of the traumatizing incident or years later when we finally take the time to become aware of it.  In fact, it was probably there all along, you were just “to busy” to notice.  

Voices Unleashed encourages you to find power in speaking up for yourself and taking notice of what has held you stuck. We want you to feel empowered by what you learn in these workshops, find a new sense of peace and share what you discover with others in your community. Most of all, we want you the feel the fun and freedom gained by letting it all out.  Who said healing had to hurt?  Sometimes it does, and that’s okay, there is professional support here.  Sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s okay! There is professional support here for that too!

Won’t you join us? What the world needs now is the most authentic version of you because you truly do make a difference.  

Workshop descriptions:

Voices Unleashed Initial Workshop:

Voices Unleashed is a safe space where we learn to uncover the places in our bodies where we are stuck and let go through song. Singing for the purpose of discovering one’s true voice and releasing stagnation has been described as a cathartic experience by many who attend.  Just as scars are still visible years after a wound has healed, our bodies store cellular memory and trauma long after the incident has passed. In these workshops participants explore the power of their voice fully self expressed and have an opportunity to get creative, have fun and let go. 

This workshop starts with guided meditation, stretching and gentle movement while learning proper technique for vocal expression and harmonizing. Gentle movement then moves into gentle guidance of sounds, into dance and the collaborative creation of song.

Closing circle.

Recommended to bring water, wear comfortable clothing, a pillow or blanket. You may bring an offering for the altar to return to you afterwards.

Voices Unleashed Trauma and Transformation Assist:

This workshop is experiential as well as educational. In this class we focus on how trauma gets stored in the body on a cellular level and begin to get familiar with our own experience of it. We will use guided meditation and art therapy to gain access to the our personal experiences and expression and share the incredible stories of triumph over trauma. Here the group begins to create a community of like minded individuals with a desire to tap into their own ability to heal and offer support to others. Healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as Tapping,) are taught as well as Tai Chi, Pal Dan Gum, and Yoga postures aimed specifically at areas in the body where cellular memory tends to stagnate. Healing Touch and the ability to feel and release energy vibration in ourselves and each other ends the class.

Final closing circle and time for questions and discussion after training module.

Voices Unleashed also offers one of one:

~ vocal training technique combined with breath work, meditation and physical practices

~ self-compassion meditation and practice

~ one on one counselling and coaching offered with physical practices

~ healing touch, reiki or EFT session

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