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Voices Unleashed Workshops

A Voices Unleashed workshop if creation at its best! We begin with a guided meditation to ground into the space and create safety.  From here we move into breathing exercises, gentle stretches, and body movements.  This helps us find the song that is being called for.  The most unique thing about a Voices Unleashed workshop is that the songs that are created have no words.  This is about finding the true nature of the sound your body wants to make with your voice.  It's the opportunity to really let loose, have fun and see what lies inside.  It's a change to be fully self expressed.  This kind of opening has the potential to release stagnation and trauma lying dormant in cellular memory.  People often find a new freedom and a more empowering version of themselves.  

Participants share from their experiences:

~ healing from pain and illness

~ having a stronger voice to express themselves

~ a sense of community and building new relationships

~ improved health and well being

~ new freedom and vitality 

~ empowerment, self expression and creativity 





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