What a better way than to celebrate the Divine Feminine than to gather in a sacred and safe space and free up our voices, to have them rise up and be heard by one another, loud clear, pure as angels singing and wild and luscious like lions roaring. We will ignite our throat chakras and raise our vibration together in song and in community. We will let out that stagnant energy that keeps up feeling stuck and sluggish and inspire the newness of freedom, full blown self expression and be alive in our bodies. Released and Unleashed.

Voices Unleashed is designed to help releases trapped trauma and cellular memory in the body for freedom of self expression. Present day and inherited trauma reproduce genetically and live on in our nervous system and our muscle tissue as though the experience is still a threat. Voices Unleashed uses specific practices and vocalization proven to release and move such stagnation. The result is a transformational new found freedom of self expression and physical well being.

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