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"after a Voices Unleashed event I leave pain free and ready to take on the world" 


I attended Harmony's Voices Unleashed workshop in February 2017 with a group of 20+ women, many who were friends and some of who I had just met. By the end of our time together, I felt connected to all of the women there and a sense of community, empowerment and joy in what we had created. Both the guided and less structured exercises allowed me to 'unleash' sounds, music and truth that had been buried within for so long. This workshop was a beautiful combination of joy and humour.  It was deeply moving and spiritual on so many levels. I am looking forward to doing this again soon! ~ Lara C.


When I first discovered Voices Unleashed, it was like I had finally found what I didn't know I was looking for. Harmony has created a space where women can feel both safe and empowered, vulnerable and free. It is a place where I can set aside the stress of everyday life and make new friends. I had always enjoyed singing but never thought I had "the voice" for it. Voices Unleashed gave me the opportunity to literally unleash a voice I had kept hidden away from the rest of the world. It allowed me to explore the power of self-expression, to open up and raise my vibration. I suffer from systemic arthritis and live with chronic pain, but after a Voices Unleashed event I leave pain free and ready to take on the world!  All over the globe, our feminine energies are rising up and women everywhere are finding their voice. I honestly believe that it is women like Harmony and events like this that will help heal our world. ~ V.N., Victoria, B.C. 

Harmony WILL unleash your Voice. As a healer and guide she is wise and humble, gentle, generous, and a great listener . I feel privileged to have met her...crazy as it sounds, I think she is a rare bird! ~ Isa Sevrain , Victoria, B.C.

My experience taking part in Voices Unleashed was quite unexpected. I went in thinking I was going to be opening my throat chakra and connecting with women in an intimate space. What I got was an opportunity to connect to my grandmothers energetically who both left this world as young women and both in traumatic ways. During an exercise where we were given sounds to create with our voices in groups, I was taken to a soundscape that took me to both my grandmothers - who I have never even met before. I could hear them crying and I could feel their suffering. As I got present to their pain I had a wave of emotion take over my body for all women’s suffering in this world. All women’s pain and suppression. At this point, all I could do was release tears for my grandmothers who I’d never even grieved before and for all the women in this world who have had to endure suffering. And of course it was releasing my own pain within my own body. This moment was transformational for me by bringing me closer to my ancestors. Thank you Harmony for facilitating and doing so in a way where all women of all ages could come together and feel safe and just be with whatever it is they needed to be with. Thank you. ~ Victoria, B.C. 


My experience of being a part of Voices Unleashed was like tapping into the sound of my Self at the core of who 'I am'. I've always been shy to sing in front of others (and I'm not a shy person). I don't even sing in the shower! A room full of women, most strangers when we began, when the evening completed we had become a community of sisters through sound. Harmony Proulx is gifted in drawing out our truest voices. With genuine love, support, and encouragement she lead us through a discovery of what we can co create together from within. This was a deeply moving experience of the grace, beauty and power of the collective Divine Feminine. I look forward to the next session! ~ Cheri M. Victoria, B.C.