New Moon Sisters Ceremony and Accountability Circle
6:00 PM18:00

New Moon Sisters Ceremony and Accountability Circle

Hello beautiful women!

I am very excited to share that we will be coming together to offer and facilitate new moon ceremonies with a focus around birthing our intentions and creations into the world together as a community. The first ceremony will take place on Monday October 27th 6:00 - 8:30 pm & will happen on the Monday closest to the new moon each month.

Within this new moon offering we will come together as women to support each other in living a higher quality of life that is more in alignment with our soul’s calling. The new moon is the time where we can really tune into the rhythm of the cosmos to assist us in becoming conscious creators of our lives. This is an opportunity to burn away the past and set new intention for the month ahead. A powerful time to start fresh, create new beginnings towards our soul’s purpose.

Within this circle we will build community together & trust, friendship & vulnerability. We deepen our relationships and our connections together as women so that we feel supported through the ups and downs of life and our cycles. We also use this time and space to tap into the realm of spirit through sacred ceremony so that we can be guided and supported by the creator, our loving guides, the four elements, and the spirit of sacred medicine.

In this circle you will have an accountability sister to help see you through your intention on the full moon. Just one check in through the month can help to create a huge difference & create community & connection. Here, we honor our integrity, create from our heart’s desire with love, compassion and devotion. During each new moon we will also offer an opportunity to learn something new. Our first new moon ceremony will offer a self-compassion guided meditation lead by Harmony Jay.

The ceremony aspect for our first new moon ceremony, will open the space of the Taino altar while opening a ceremony of creation, working with the plant spirit of mother cedar. We pray with mother cedar, the universe hears our intention clearly and directly. The spirit of cedar work closely with the spirit of the eagle to fly high and bring our prayers to the creator. When we are journeying with mother cedar we open the space for her to bring her teachings. We ask her to come forward and bring her healing in what ever form it may be. This is a perfect way to connect with the new moon energies of planting our seeds for this new cycle of the moon.

In these ceremonies we will share the sacred cedar smoke to bring blessing, and to assist us in our lives in making positive shifts towards what we want to create. When we are journeying with mother cedar we open the space for her to bring her teachings. We will meditate with mother cedar, and we will be taken on a sound journey.

There are only 11 spots available for this offering so if you'd like to secure your spot, you can send an E-transfer. The loving contribution for this offering is $33, with a discounted rate of $27 if you register early by sending an e-transfer to So much love & gratitude to you all.

We will be gathering at Harmony's house near Uptown, Saanich, B.C.

address is: 3440 Whittier Ave.

With Love, Harmony

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The Importance of Integrity
6:30 PM18:30

The Importance of Integrity

Integrity isn't about right of wrong it's about workability.

Do you find that people you make plans with cancel at the last minute or worse yet don't show up at all? Maybe you say "it's okay,I get it," but inside you're actually hurt and deeply disappointed but don't know how to tell them. Maybe one day you get up the courage to, but it doesn't come out quite right and nothing changes. Or maybe they say they understand but still it continues to happen. You feel disrespected and unheard and your feelings unrecognized?

Or maybe you're on the other end of the spectrum and you make plans but find you end up cancelling often or at the last minute. You feel bad about it but you don't know how to make it better so you completely avoid talking about it at all. After all, you have great reasons for why you couldn't make it don't you?

I am putting this class on by request. Many people are facing these issues with a lot of confusion and discomfort. I agree, it's a difficult and sometimes messy topic. The fact is that our words and what we say to others matters. It took me years of training to implement integrity into my life. Admittedly I didn't even have a concept of it a when I started the process let alone know that there are actually concrete steps involved to have it intact. I am hosting this event November 13th. That's one month from today. Please come and tell everyone you know about it. Because of how important this topic is, I want to make it available to everyone so there is no fee. It is completely by donation, however please consider your donation based on it's merit and value by the end of the evening. I think if you find yourself even remotely interested, this workshop may actually change your life and how much it works going forward. It will alter your relationships profoundly and inspire deeper and more authentic connections with the people who matter most in your life. This workshop is for EVERYONE. Space is limited to 12 participants at this time, but if interest is spread the location will change. We will make it work!!! That's my word!!!

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Voices Unleashed Workshop
5:00 PM17:00

Voices Unleashed Workshop

  • Church Of Truth, Community of Conscious Living (map)
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Start the new year with a refreshed powerful voice to set your intentions out loud and proud. Open up those lungs to deeper breaths that release stagnant energy. Sing more powerful with flow you’ve never had before and share it all in the space of a community of women just like you. Women who want to shake things up a bit, let out that primal essence that really wants to come out roaring, wild and free! Feel the power and freedom of self expression in a fun and safe environment. Honour the divine feminine, yours and your mother’s, grandmother’s, sister’s and daughter’s. Here we release the cellular memory blockages of trauma and walk away renewed, transformed and empowered! Join us for this full two hour session to get the best of what Voices Unleashed has to offer when held inside a safe circle of togetherness.

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7:00 PM19:00

Women's Song Circle at Mecine Nest

Join us for a sacred gathering at Medicine NEST as we gather in sisterhood, in circle and in song. With the intention of healing centuries of restricted expression now together in the right space to discover the power of our voices and the freedom of being fully self-expressed! Led by Voices Unleashed workshop facilitator, Harmony Jay.

Contact Medicine Nest:

532 Herald St.

Victoria, British Columbia

Call (778) 548-3733

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